Recipe of the Week - Chocolate Berry Almond Smoothie

Recently we purchased a Vitamix blender and we LOVE it!  I make everything from smoothies to soups, to dips and everything in between.  I use it daily.  It was an investment but it was well worth it.  It's wonderful for homemade hummus, mashed cauliflower and I even prepare my own flours and nut butters.   

New Summer Cooking Classes

Chef out Chef Robin at these locations this summer!

Shop with Chef Robin at Pairings!

July 19, 10:00AM - 1:00PM – Windows on Pairings

50 Park Street, Geneva, Ohio 44041
Cost : $50.00 -pre-payment required for online tickets here. 

This Farm to Table class lets you shop local and cook with the freshest in season ingredients.  Visit the farmers market and take your bounty right to the kitchen to make a creative meal that will be local, fresh and most importantly delicious!!!



Chef Robin Featured in the Plain Dealer

So excited about being featured in yesterday's Plain Dealer!  Debbi Snook is an amazing writer and I'm honored that she wrote about me.  There are also some healthy eating tips AND a recipe for my oatmeal cookie cobbler!!  Woohoo!!!  

Click the link to read the article!

Vintage Ohio 2013

On August 3rd I had the honor of being one of the chefs preparing cooking demonstrations for the 19th annual Vintage Ohio Wine Festival in Kirtland, Ohio and boy was it fun!!  Tons of amazing chefs, cooking some amazing food, paired with some amazing local wines on a beautiful summer day!  What could be better?  Through the Ohio Wine Producers Association we were able to partner with Pairings, an upcoming Wine and Culinary Experience (visit  Their brick and mortar location “Windows on Pairings” will be opening up later in the year.

Crazy Times

The last two weeks have been crazy busy for me so I apologize for my lack of posting.  I'll try to update you quickly on how things are and what I have learned . . .

Always Save

Not what I thought this would be . . .

Hello everyone!  This post was going to be a pretty long post that I had been working on for an hour, yeah an hour.  I was just so into writing.  After an hour Microsoft Word shuts down on me and of course I had not saved.  None of the adorable little antidotes, object lessons and stories I had for you had been saved.  L  Maybe it was God’s way of telling me I was, once again, talking too much.  Maybe it was just a reminder of something I learned in junior high computer class ~ ALWAYS SAVE!!! 

Changing the Way I Pray

Yesterday I was preparing to eat my dinner, which we will discuss later, (it was yummy) and I paused to say grace.  Giving thanks for our food is a normal practice in our home and usually goes something like this.  Dear Lord, thank You for this food that we are about to receive.  Let it nourish our bodies so that we can go forth and spread Your name.  In Jesus’ name, amen.  Pretty basic, huh?  I actually stopped in the middle of grace and thought about some of the words “Let it nourish our bodies”.  Should I really pray that when I’m shoving a Big Mac or Chipotle burrito in my mouth?  Lord,

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