Hi everyone!  I just left the great (and expensive country) of Switzerland!  It was beautiful!  The mountains were amazing and I love it there.  So far though Austria is my favorite.  I had the pleasure of preparing food for the  men's team at the Adelboden World Cup Races.  We didn't leave with any podium places but our guys worked hard.    I am always very proud of them!  The weather conditions in Adelboden wasn’t great.  Everyone tends to believe there is snow over here all the time and guess what: there isn’t!  LOL!  They actually had to make snow, which isn’t the greatest.  

My first week in Austria

Hi everyone!  It’s been so crazy lately.  Made it to Europe safely, however, it did take me 15 minutes to figure out how to get the GPS in my rental car to speak English!  I’m with extremely spotty internet access and a bunch of wonderful ski people to hang around with.  My first week back in Austria has been great.  We are in St. Johann which is in the province of Salzburg, Austria.  It’s amazing being in the hometown of Mozart and understanding the rich history good and bad of this country.  We are staying at a lovely old bed and breakfast.

Whole Foods or Whole “Paycheck”?

I have a Whole Foods within two miles of my home and I love that I can easily grab my almond milk, chia seeds and fresh (and many times local) kale.  However, I must admit that I don’t do the majority of my shopping there.  I frequent Whole Food for specific items that are not easy to get at other stores and sale items.  I happily grab the hormone and antibiotic free meats on sale in bulk and store in the freezer and my specialty items such as almond milk that is cheaper at Whole Foods than my local store.  There is no way that I can afford to shop for day to day items there.  

Chipotle's The Scarecrow

Chipotle, who touts themselves as offering “Food with Integrity”, has come up with the most adorable video and a new game for your phones and ipads.  I must admit, the video is very touching.  It’s a simple video about a scarecrow who wants to sells farm raised food (Yeah, you didn’t realize that a great amount of our food isn’t from farms, huh?)  The video reminds me of the movie “Up”.  The game is simple and a little quirky but you may find it fun.  Watch, enjoy  and hopefully this will make you think about where your food is coming from. 

Vintage Ohio 2013

On August 3rd I had the honor of being one of the chefs preparing cooking demonstrations for the 19th annual Vintage Ohio Wine Festival in Kirtland, Ohio and boy was it fun!!  Tons of amazing chefs, cooking some amazing food, paired with some amazing local wines on a beautiful summer day!  What could be better?  Through the Ohio Wine Producers Association we were able to partner with Pairings, an upcoming Wine and Culinary Experience (visit  Their brick and mortar location “Windows on Pairings” will be opening up later in the year.

Would you exchange flavor for health?

Yesterday, at a program where I served garlic sautéed greens instead of traditional southern style greens, I was asked this question: Would you exchange flavor for health?  It’s a very interesting question.  As a chef and a person who just plain loves food it would be a true struggle.  Who wants to give up the foods that tantalize our taste buds and makes us smile just when we smell it?  On the other hand, as a person who has seen the effects of heart disease, diabetes and cancer how can I not push aside the fried chicken, mac and cheese and salty meat laden greens I grew up eating?  A dile

What rhymes with orange?

I’m not a big winter person and even though I grew up in the snow there is really only one thing, other than Christmas, that makes me happy about winter and that is citrus.  It’s citrus season!  Grapefruits, oranges, lemons and everything else citrusy is sweet, plentiful and cheap.

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