Whole Foods or Whole “Paycheck”?

I have a Whole Foods within two miles of my home and I love that I can easily grab my almond milk, chia seeds and fresh (and many times local) kale.  However, I must admit that I don’t do the majority of my shopping there.  I frequent Whole Food for specific items that are not easy to get at other stores and sale items.  I happily grab the hormone and antibiotic free meats on sale in bulk and store in the freezer and my specialty items such as almond milk that is cheaper at Whole Foods than my local store.  There is no way that I can afford to shop for day to day items there.  

To combat the “Whole Paycheck” moniker the store is planning “flash sales” via social media.  They are plan to offer more One Day sales, which are usually pretty great.  I love the one day deals but I can’t imagine running to Whole Foods because they post yogurt on sale on facebook.  What about you?  


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