Top 10 Holiday Cooking Tips

I know the holidays can be stressful!  Shopping, cleaning, cooking, entertaining guests and did I mention cooking?  Let’s be real, there is so much pressure to produce the most amazing meal with all the decorations and perfectly behaved children, spouses and pets.  Many of us have, as I like to call it, the “Martha Syndrome”.  Insert your favorite Martha here: Martha from the Bible (Luke 10:38-42) or Martha Stewart!  Isn’t it funny that both of them have the same name?  Perfectionism is REAL and as much as we may love it, Pinterest doesn’t help!  LOL!  All of a sudden we are knee deep in all these projects and recipes and we start drowning in our perfectionism.  The holidays become a stressor as opposed to a time to celebrate our faith, fmily and friends.  To help us all out (me included) I have put together a list of my top 10 holiday cooking tips.  These tips will hopefully save you time, money and stress!  


1) Make your menu early, like this weekend early.  This will make shopping easy and relieves stress

2) Stop right now and check your pantry.  The worse thing you can do is prepare to make a cake and find out you only have ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract left or your baking powder is old! Check out this handy site for info on how long you can keep anything. -

3) Shop early!  Catch those sales and make sure you don’t run out of essentials.  This will also prevent you from standing in those crazy day before Christmas grocery lines or worse yet, searching for an open convenient store on Christmas morning.  

4) Don’t be afraid of the potluck.  Yes, you may love your mashed potatoes but allow and encourage guests to bring more than just beverages.  This lessens your load!

5) Only make 1-2 new dishes for the holiday.  New recipes stress us out and if it doesn’t come out right, you want a few tried and true recipes that will make everyone happy.  

6) Get the kids involved.  From making cookies to cutting veggies and setting the table get the kids to help make your life easier!!  The older they get the easier it will be for them to help.  Start them early

7) Sharpen your knives!  Most people get cut from a dull knife, not a sharp one.  Make cooking much easier by getting your knives sharpened.  Call your local grocery store or farmer’s market.  They will most likely have a name for you.  The cost is usually around $5 per knife.     

8) Whatever you can make ahead of time, do it! The table should be set the night before and most of the food should be prepared or at least prepped by the day before.

9) Don’t be afraid of a themed holiday menu.  Tired of turkey?  Don’t be afraid of having an Italian theme with lasagne or even an indoor barbecue.  Whatever is tasty and easy for you.

10) Don’t stress!  Enjoy the day and season!  

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