Hi everyone!  I just left the great (and expensive country) of Switzerland!  It was beautiful!  The mountains were amazing and I love it there.  So far though Austria is my favorite.  I had the pleasure of preparing food for the  men's team at the Adelboden World Cup Races.  We didn't leave with any podium places but our guys worked hard.    I am always very proud of them!  The weather conditions in Adelboden wasn’t great.  Everyone tends to believe there is snow over here all the time and guess what: there isn’t!  LOL!  They actually had to make snow, which isn’t the greatest.  

Anyway, I got to visit one of the most expensive places in Europe.  So much so that there are jokes.  “You got Swissed” and “That’s so Swiss of you” are usually said when you pay a lot for something.  Case in point: While leaving Switzerland I stopped at a McDonalds.  I bought a chicken wrap, small salad and small water.  Well it came up to around $14 American dollars!!!  I got Swissed!!!  I won’t do that again.  Driving into Switzerland, gas immediately went up $.30-$.40.  Even though it was pricey I still enjoyed it.  As I drive around or get an occasional walk in I always think about how beautiful the mountains are and how He created them.  While I was leaving Switzerland I stopped for gas (yup, I got Swissed there too) and a very nice young man helped me.  I wondered if the people here are so used to the mountains that they stop seeing them.  I expressed to him how beautiful they were.  His response was, he wants to see America.  He doesn’t really see the mountains anymore.  How many of us do that?  We get so caught up in the business of life that we bypass the beauty and never stop to breathe in the air, smell the flowers or look at the mountains?  Time to stop and thank the Lord for all He has created and enjoy the journey!  After that meeting I made a point to look out my window while driving and look at the scenery.  I even stopped and took a few pictures.  One picture is of the thermal pool at our hotel.  

You are seeing some scenery and pictures of the cute grocery store - The Coop, a pretty large chain in Europe.  I apologize that some of the pictures were fuzzy.  I try to sneak and take them.  Some interesting shopping points: Like Aldi’s in the US almost every grocery store has no baggers and you must pay for or bring your bags.  You must also use a coin to get your cart and you can only get it back once you return it.  It makes for clean parking lots and not a lot of waste when it comes to bags.  Maybe more stores in the US should implement this.  Thoughts?    


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