My first week in Austria

Hi everyone!  It’s been so crazy lately.  Made it to Europe safely, however, it did take me 15 minutes to figure out how to get the GPS in my rental car to speak English!  I’m with extremely spotty internet access and a bunch of wonderful ski people to hang around with.  My first week back in Austria has been great.  We are in St. Johann which is in the province of Salzburg, Austria.  It’s amazing being in the hometown of Mozart and understanding the rich history good and bad of this country.  We are staying at a lovely old bed and breakfast.  It’s beautiful but my first night I was here alone and I kept waiting for Norman Bates to come out!  I’m so dramatic!

A few funny stories for you.  On my first night here I did get to eat out for lunch and I had the most amazing sandwich.  A leberkase.  A specialty in Austria and Germany, it’s a meatloaf made with corned beef, pork, bacon and onions.  Even though it’s translated liver and cheese there is none of either in it.  Cute huh?  It’s ground finely, formed and baked with a nice crust.  It's wrapped in the cutest newspaper, which I couldn't read!  Of course!!  I'm learning!  I arrived in a deli style restaurant and even though it looked weird to me everyone was ordering one.  In the worst German ever I sampled and ordered.  It was delicious!  Looked like bologna but tasted so much better!  A large slice of it is served on a simple white bun called a semmel.  I’ll talk about the amazing fresh bread here another day.  I was only looking for some free wifi but ended up falling in love with the leberkase!  Hilarious addition - I was trying to figure out what I had ordered and ended up accidently ordering a soup.  The waitress brings the soup to the table and I shake my head no, I didn’t order it.  Well another waitress brings it back and tells me that I ordered and paid for it.  Oh well!  I’ll eat it.  I was enjoying my sandwich and I’m staring at this broth based soup with some ball of something in it.  I decide to go for it!  Worst decision ever!  I’m all up for trying anything but this was not good.  LOL!  I was so embarrassed that I just left it after only eating one bite.  I didn’t even try to get my money back and I still have no idea what the soup was.  Hopefully I won’t order it again!  Pray for me!

A funny thing I’ve learned: I’ve been to a few restaurants and no one seems to wear gloves.  Make the food, grab the money, make more food!  It never stops.  I didn’t let it bother me and just ate.  I’m still alive.  I wonder if we are a little too picky in America?

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas!  I’ll post more about our Christmas dinner later.  Heading to the races. . . more in a few days.







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